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India… A nation with the biggest democracy in the world. India is one of the most popular and visited tourist destination with its rich history, varieties of food and cuisines, architecture and geographical splendor. To make a memorable trip to India and around, people go through guidebooks and internet sites to learn about the local cultures, most interesting sites etc. but India is essentially a mix of numerous different cultures, and it is difficult to find many minutes but essential tips to understand local people and their ways.

In order to understand India well, here are some points. Rest India can only be experienced by visiting this beautiful country:

Language: Hindi, as known by many is not spoken everywhere. Northern part of India is dominated by Hindi and rest by local languages, however English is spoken and understood on the vast scale.

Weather: As believed by many, India is not just hot and humid. The country experiences all kind of weathers in all seasons. An extreme cold Kashmir to pleasant in middle to little hot and humid in southern part. The country will offer you all type of weather and best time to be in India is October to March.

Curries, Gravies and yum food: Indians are big foodie and have a vast menu to offer to their guests. Not all food in India is spicy. It can be handcrafted as per the requirement. A Mughlai cuisine, rich in gravy from north to Coconut dominated menus in south, it has lot to offer. Come and experience once! Indians can make and amend the menus as per their convenience for e.g. McDonalds in India have vegetarian menu.

Marriages: A large population in India still spends big share of their earnings and savings on weddings. An arrange marriage with 4 to 5 functions which lasts for 3 to 4 days can commonly be seen during wedding season. Check with your travel consultant if they can arrange a visit of your to any marriage happening nearby. You will just love seeing the rituals, food, dresses (especially ladies) with lot of Jewelry.

Religion: Mostly dominated by Hindus, followed by Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. It is further divided into caste systems. The religion culture is mix in India.

The above are just few points to explain little about India. It has lots of more to offer. Come explore this beautiful country with India Travel Factory. Experience the Palaces, culture, history, oldest living city in world, an era old temples, food to most warm and tourist friendly people… See you soon!!