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Dubai, the entertainment city of UAE follow less strict Islamic culture than other middle east countries. The majestic amalgamation of culture and delightful environment make this city an attractive tourist spot. Modesty is the dress code you have to follow when you give this place visit .Immaculate roads, stunning skyline, 3-D printed office buildings, crystal clear beaches are some of the features which make this city competent against western traditions. The Iconic Burj Khalifa serves as a top priority for all tourists hence it is as a customary visit but the view of Burj Khalifa from sunset beach exhibit such profound ethereal beauty which can make you go awe at every visit.

It’s hard not to admire Dubai for its indefatigable verve, ambition and ability to dream up and realise projects that elsewhere would never get off the drawing board. This is a superlative-craving society that has birthed audaciously high buildings and palm-shaped islands. Sci-fi concepts such as flying taxis, a lightning-fast Hyperloop train and an army of robocops are all reflections of a mindset that fearlessly embraces the future. With many more grand projects in the pipeline for World Expo 2020, it’s clear that Dubai is a city firmly in charge of writing its own narrative.

The first Middle Eastern city to make the UNESCO list of creative cities of design, Dubai is a bustling microcosm peacefully shared by cultures from all corners of the world. This diversity expresses itself in the culinary landscape, fashion, music and performance. Although rooted in Islamic tradition, this is an open society where it’s easy for newcomers and visitors to connect with myriad experiences, be it eating like a Bedouin, dancing on the beach, shopping for local art or riding a camel in the desert. Dubai is a fertile environment conducive to breaking down cultural barriers and preconceptions.

With almost 200 different nationalities calling it home, and a massive 90% of the population coming from outside the country, Dubai is arguably one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. In contrast to cities like New York or London that have been inhabited for hundreds of years, Dubai’s expats are mainly first-generation, bringing with them a host of different cultural traditions. The diversity on show in the city is unparalleled.

Home to the biggest mall in the world (the imaginatively titled Dubai Mall) and with high-end retail locations seemingly on every corner, it’s no surprise that visitors come to Dubai from far and wide for a bit of retail therapy. While many countries have January Sales after Christmas, Dubai has a month-long shopping festival with concerts and giveaways where shoppers can win cars and gold.

Where else in the world can you be skiing on real snow one minute then riding sand dunes next? It would be impossible to try everything Dubai has to offer in a single trip, which is why people return over and over again.

Visitors can marvel at the modern and beautiful Arabic architecture, discover the history and culture of the emirate, swim with dolphins, ride a camel in the desert, enjoy a day at the waterpark, embark on a hot air balloon adventure, plus much more.

Tourists are spoilt for choice when they visit Dubai and they might have a list of things they want to do, but it could take several trips to complete.

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