East India

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East India

From the land of knowledge in Nalanda, Bihar to the steel city of India, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Apart from locking horns over the GI tag of Rasagolla, Odisha and West Bengal have a lot more to offer. Each of them being a part of the Mauryan empire, the Buddhism culture is subtly placed in these states. Enjoy the Litti-Chokha while sightseeing the Bodh Gaya in Bihar. Take a stroll down the Manchester of the East and stumble upon some mineralogical beauties on your way. Besides, yellow taxis and trams making your lazy evenings the tigers at Sunderbans and snow caps at Darjeeling await your arrival. Lastly, the land of the “Lord of the World”, the unstoppable, Lord Jagannath welcomes you with open arms for mornings amidst the mountains sipping a cup of indigenous coffee in Koraput, evenings in a boat spotting birds and dolphins in Chilika Lake and the nights by the calmness of waves hitting the shores in Puri. Eastern India is this and much more.

Nestled in the slopes of the south-flowing sub-Himalayan ranges in the northeast of India, Manipur is a beautiful land where mother nature is extra generous in her bounty. The state boasts of picturesque landscapes with misty hills, gleaming lakes, lush green valleys, splashing rivers and carpeted with dense forests.

Shying away in the North eastern corner of India, Arunachal Pradesh though may be an introvert when it comes to tourism, is a land of abundant travel opportunities. Adorned with unspoilt landscape, this Northeast state of India is a place that every nature lover and explorer should visit. A treasure trove of culture, nature’s beauty, rich history and warm people, Arunachal is truly a land that you cannot afford to miss.

Nagaland offers unending exploration possibilities from heritage villages to wildlife sanctuaries. Beautifully nestled amidst the lush and verdant sub-tropical and sub-alpine climate, Nagaland treasures an overabundance of wild flora and fauna and even some medicinal plants. Nagaland is a beautiful destination in India and it stores some popular places to visit.

Tripura is a cultural reservoir among all the northeastern states of India. Heritage and historical sites, temples going back hundreds of years, wildlife destinations and a thriving arts and crafts industry, these are the most popular tourism attractions in Tripura. Those looking for biodiversity hotspots during their Tripura holidays will not be disappointed, this state has plenty of those.

Tucked away in the thickets of green on the southern tip of Northeast India, Mizoram is a nature lover’s paradise. Sandwiched between Bangladesh and Myanmar, this fifth smallest state in India is big on adventure with rugged terrains and gurgling rivers. It also boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. That’s not all, visit Mizoram, and be ready to be surprised by the locals’ style quotient, apart from everything else.

Home to an extraordinary diversity of people, Meghalaya is one of the picturesque tourist destinations of India which serves as a perfect getaway for those seeking peace and tranquillity. On visiting Meghalaya, tourists will find themselves surrounded by panoramic landscapes, cascading waterfalls, foggy hills, terraced slopes that is sure to soothe the minds of the weary travellers. In addition to this, Meghalaya tourism also emphasizes on adventure tourism which offers a plethora of activities letting the tourists get a holistic travel experience in this beautiful north-eastern state of India.

Under the starry sky exists a paradise that is full of warm-hearted people and fairytale destinations. Ornamenting the right shoulder of India, Sikkim is a hideout from the hullabaloo of chaotic urban life. Last to be added as a part of North-eastern Region, Sikkim vouches for an incredible holiday experience that is an assortment of adventure, opulent history, nature’s beauty, and heart melting culture. Music to the ears of holidaymakers, this North-eastern piece of melody is where rejuvenation awaits you amidst scintillating high altitude lakes, green sprawls, gorgeous waterfalls and meandering rivers; and where spirituality and peace of mind find you at serene monasteries; and celebration of a plethora of fairs & festivals makes you fall in love.