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What if you go inside a park and finds out that people inside the park comprises bunch of diverse people, speaking different languages and giving different vibes, you will be amazed .You will get the same feeling when you visit India .The 29 states of this country possesses their own unique identification in terms of language , dance , music , religion , festivals , tribes . This is the world’s largest democratic country and harmonious relationship between every religion of people living here are the striking features.

India is an unequivocally welcoming country that bestows respect and love for its visitors. A nation which follows only one belief blindly “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guest is equivalent to God”. Land of diverse cultures, deep-rooted beliefs, uncountable religions, that is connected to specific historical tales as well; there is so much to explore.

India is a pluralistic and multi-cultural society where many faiths and belief systems regulate the life of individuals. India is not a Hindu society even though Hinduism is the religion of the vast majority of the people. In this part of the globe many religious traditions, both indigenous and foreign, have been established over the years. We have Buddhism, Sikhism, Bhakti cult, Sufi tradition as well as Islam and Christianity. Many religious gurus, law-givers, social reformers and statesmen have come to guide and influence the life and culture of Indians.

“Unity in diversity” – these are not just words, but something that are highly applicable to a country like India that is incredibly rich in culture and heritage. A few quotations or statements cannot describe the pedestal that India holds on to the world map because of its colourful and unique culture. From the times of Mauryas, Cholas and Mughals to the period of British Empire, India has always been famous for its traditions and hospitality. The warmth in the relations and euphoria in celebrations make the country stand out distinctively in the global fraternity. The country’s liveliness and generosity attract a number of tourists to its vibrant culture which is an amalgamation of religions, festivals, food, art, crafts, dance, music and many other subtle things. Everything, from the culture and values to customs, rituals and traditions, is ‘special’ in this ‘Land of Gods’.

The geographic terrain of India divides it into North India , south India , eastern India , western india and central India . The southern India is a peninsular region and amalgamation of wonderful clusters of people  speaking Kannad ,Tamil ,Telugu , Malayalam and Tulu constituting dominantly  ancient  Dravidian population(remaining population is Aryan ). This is the region which contain  spectacular landscapes  and wonderful undulated topography surrounded by Indian ocean in south , Arabian sea in the west and Bay of Bengal in the East . For every passionate and curious traveller , this region is a paradise  . Ascend  to the top of the lush  greenery vegetated summit of western ghat , or mystifying blue mountain of Nilgiri hills , there are many enigmatic places like that which will  give chills to the heart of Mountain lovers .Magnificent mountains ,  gorgeous waterfalls , prickling hill stations , serenic beaches   , luring wildlife will never fail to inspire nature lovers .The must visit place is kerala , coorg, Madurai . on top of this , this region possesses remarkable  signs  of history  especially located in Hampi .There are monuments , forts , temples , statues , carved walls, monoliths which tells you  tale to scratch your brain.

While Northern India is the territory influenced by Indo- Aryan traditions . The eminent majesctic awe inspiring Himalayan mountains occupying this region . The indo Gangetic plain is the fertile plain of this region which encourages agriculture and habitation .The population comprises of kashmiris , local hill tribals, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani,  Bihari’s and many others. It is too great an experience  having seen this amount of diversity existing in small region . Trip in northern India is fulfilled by trekking in the glorious mountains of Himalaya, endemic cuisines and inspiring dwellers.

North east region in India is referred to as seven sisters. Their culture are fairly unique , motivated by  Eastern neighbouring countries.

East India constitutes the population of Bengalis , odiyas bordered in the east by Bay of Bengal ocean . They hold different charisma to attract undivided attention. Their food, language, culture is worth noticing.

Likewise western India also contributing the ethnic and culture diversity in a special way . Marathi’s, Gujarati’s keep obstinate feelings about their culture as well.

So India pretty much resembles the feature of digital image which is defined by no of grids having different pixel values. Hence capturing the image of this beautiful country will be equivalent to exploring many countries having single geo political boundary.

If you’re not into history, there are plenty of more things to do in India. From the beaches in Goa to the mountains in the Himalayas, from the million metropolis like Mumbai to sleepy villages like Hampi… You will find almost everything in India you can imagine!