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Well as John Berger says, “Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman,” then Singapore, I believe is our childhood that knows nothing but happiness. What comes to your mind when you hear of Singapore? The iconic lion overlooking a bay? Well Singapore is much more than that.

It’s an ideal country for ideal humans they say but Singapore has a secret, it engulfs every race as its own. Religious and linguistic diversity are procured affectionately . To provide you safety and the best quality of life, government will ensure that you adopt unusual weird rules in your lifestyle.

To soak the eyes of Chinese with happiness, there’s the beautiful China Town with walls around the complex painted with beautiful mural paintings retelling the history in most intricate way possible.

But if you find these subtle feature of arts a little boring there’s Haw Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens), which shows the Chinese culture in the most attractive and bizarre way possible. A cultured tiger and leopard statue await your arrival.

The lion fountain or the Merlion Park is a popular, mascot like tourist destination. The entire history of Singapore unfolds in this sculpture. The body of fish signifies Singapore’s past of a fishing village and the lion head indicating towards the early name, “Singapura” or the lion city.

If you think Singapore is all about sharp skylines and towering concrete jungles, then you are not entirely correct. There’s a dedicated number of sites that has so much greenery that you’ll start relating happiness with the green color. It all starts from the airport itself, where thousands of trees make a beautiful tiered garden inside the airport. Besides, there’s the Cloud Forest, which also hosts the highest indoor waterfall. The Super tree Grove light show is another popular attraction if you happen to be in Singapore. A light and sound show is set up every evening by the name Garden Rhapsody where supertrees light following the rhytms of music. Marina Bay Sands light show is also worth a watch.

Universal Studios and Sentosa Islands are a constant. These are the peak level tourist places one can visit and enjoy every bit of it. Pictures say more than words, so we will leave it to the pictures to convey that. If you are a foodie and are interested in trying out different cuisines. Then you shouldn’t keep your taste buds away from the amazing delicacies that Singapore has to offer. Right from $5 street food to very expensive dishes this country offers everything. A little low key destinations would be the cool museums that this country has to offer like, National Museum of Singapore, Fuk Tak Chi temple, Singapore Musical Box Museum etc.
So, unleash the happiness the country has to offer. Happy travelling.

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