Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Officially renowned as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, this is an island which is situated southeast of India. Sri Lanka tourism is characterized by its colonial architecture, and Buddhist temples, stunning beaches, and destinations like Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Yala National Park. Wildlife Sanctuaries with leopard and elephant populations are also some of the most popular places to visit in Sri Lanka. From stunning beaches to wildlife reserves, places in Sri Lanka draw in a huge number of travelers to its shores.

The culture of the country has developed over the years and is a rich blend of all the influences that the country and its people have been exposed to so far. However, the most visible impact on the Sri Lankan culture has been from Buddhism. People mainly follow the Buddhism with numerous Buddhist stupas spread throughout the country and several festivals being celebrated on important events in and around Buddha’s life. The festivals of the country are also a reflection of the great culture of this small country. Particularly famous is the Kandy Esala Perahera celebrated in the month of July or August. This festival is a spectacular ten days event culminating in a procession taken out in respect of the sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha. Another festival that strengthens the impact of Buddhism in the country is Duruthu Perahera held in January. The festival is a celebration of Lord Buddha’s visit to the country.

Historical sites such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dambulla, once home to ancient kingdoms, still retain many relics and artefacts of bygone eras. The famous rock fortress of Sigiriya and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of Kandy, are must-see places. A multi-religious country, Sri Lanka has many religious festivals that take place year around, such as Vesak for Buddhists, Nallur Festival for Hindus and Madhu Festival for Catholics.

Tourism in Sri Lanka includes a lot of things that as a tourist you must visit to enjoy. It comprises of several things such as tasty foods, diverse culture, scenic trains, historical architectures, wildlife, and immaculate beaches. Sri Lanka is the place to get lost in incredible frescoes, water gardens, and ancient ruins of fantastic rock fortress. Further, do not miss the bravura view from the top of the rock with rolling hills, and a jungle in all directions. Fritter your vacation basking in the sun on a hammock at the small village of Mirissa. Amazingly, Mirissa is one of the most stunning beach gateways and critical revenue of Sri Lanka tourism. You will forget the real world once you enter Mirissa paradise. No wonder it has been incorporated as a great place to visit in Sri Lanka for your incredible vacation.

Shopping in Colombo and in tourist resorts is exciting and rewarding. Among the best buys are gems, jewellery, brass of silver rush handicrafts, tea, spices, porcelain, export garments and batiks. Sri Lanka has a well developed network of hotels, managed and operated to international professional standards. The range includes large luxury multi-national and Sri Lankan chain hotels, small luxury safari and eco-lodges. Resorts, clubs hotels etc.

Sri Lanka’s diversity and abundance endows it with a vast range of enjoyable holiday leisure options. Apart from the extensive choice of conventional vacations and sightseeing possibilities, the island’s assets include infrastructure facilities for adventure.

A tourist on a visit to this country will come across a variety that is typical of the Indian subcontinent region. The people and their lifestyle are distinctly different from one region to other; however the basic culture remains throughout the country. Sri Lanka is, in brief, a place that will be best understood when experienced.

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